Revolutionizing Real Estate Education for College Athletes: The Powerful Partnership of Keller Williams, NIL Real Estate, and Opendorse

Keller Williams and NIL Real Estate Team up with Opendorse to Extend Real Estate Education to All College Athletes through NIL

Keller Williams, NIL Real Estate, and Opendorse have partnered to provide on-demand access to video lessons and articles for college athletes who want to purchase a home, invest in real estate, or pursue a career in the industry. The partnership was formed as a result of the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) policy, which allows college athletes to earn compensation for their brand and skills outside of sports.

The program was first offered at Brigham Young University (BYU), where more than 120 athletes enrolled, and 36 have already completed their courses. The program is designed to enable athletes to earn a real estate license and serve as a referral agent, where they can refer potential buyers or sellers to their real estate team and make a commission in return.

Without the program, the cost for a typical real estate education course can be between $650-$1,000, and additional fees of $250-$500 for a test prep service. However, the BYU student athletes who participate in the program receive educational programming for free as part of their NIL deal, and monthly agent fees are absorbed by NIL Real Estate.

The program allows student athletes to earn a commission by referring buyers or sellers to Keller Williams, and the standard commission for a referral agent is 25% of the commission for the party they are representing. BYU athletes have already earned referral commissions, with one men’s tennis athlete earning $6,300 in commission on the purchase of his home.

Through Opendorse, the program is now open to all collegiate student athletes, regardless of division or school, giving every student athlete in the country access to this opportunity. The program offers athletes the chance to learn more about real estate and make a significant amount of money by using their name, image, and likeness.

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